TraitQuest brings simplicity and flexibility to enterprise gamification

TraitQuest brings simplicity and flexibility to enterprise gamification

TraitQuest has been operating for close to 4 years in the gamification space. The internal team has been experimenting with the idea of introducing gamification to the average office workers. Throughout the initial years, the team’s focus was to improve performance via performance management and analytics.

The first version of TraitQuest’s prototype version was used and maintained up to early 2021. The earlier version will no longer be available to the public after March 19th, noon, GMT+8.

After years of experimenting with employee performance and other HR metrics as workplace improvement, the team discovered that software cannot replace people’s efforts to improve workplace meaning and culture. During mid-2020, the core team began experimenting using gamification aspects to create a rewarding workplace for teams.

Why TraitQuest pivot from Performance to Gamification?

The team wanted to go something that the local region is more comfortable adapting to. According to the data, TraitQuest has obtained from their legacy performance management software, performance management requires a more prolonged time frame (Given the current instant gratification era) to produce meaningful results among team members. Other factors also include existing solutions that TraitQuest does not want to compete with.

Instead, the company moved its primary focus to gamification as a journey in the workplace. Gamification provides instant feedback access to performance feedback, allowing teams to discover which aspects and skills to improve while working. That includes increasing engagement, learning retention, and productivity among team members.

The gamification initiative is a drive and commitment by the core members of TraitQuest’s belief. For work to be meaningful, there must be a sense of progress, growth, and reward.

The company is currently actively serving clients from Berjaya Group, Starbucks, and Avidity International.

Diving into the New Look for TraitQuest

The brand new home page now features a simple and instant overview of its current mission and initiatives. Featuring a customizable banner that allows companies to update weekly, monthly, or even yearly depending on their needs.

Here are several feedbacks from the early beta testers.

‘We wanted to make sure the people within our organization keep updated with what’s going on. Often, we have people from different departments or teams being clueless about where the company is heading. And, getting people to feel connected across such a huge organization can be very challenging. TraitQuest makes it super easy for me as a director to create initiatives and follow up with it’ said Ms. Grace Ng, Berjaya Group.

‘I can see why TraitQuest makes a lot of sense for training coaches like me. Instead of conducting manual check-ins with my participants, like 50 or 100 people, I can now prepare learning materials and check everyone within the same place without doing all the manual work with Document and Sheet!’ Alex Teoh, Managing Partner of Avidity International.

Companies can also take advantage of this fully customizable banner to promote their current goals. For gamification, the feature is now labeled as ‘Journey’. Depending on the companies, companies can create and design either a complete LMS (Learning Management System) or Goal-based objectives work.

How the New TraitQuest Products can Help

Making corporate and personal skill training easier and more accessible: With the Journey feature, companies now upload or design their employees’ training materials. The material is not limited to videos, attachments, photos, text, hyperlinks, citations, GIF, and embedded media. Making it one of the most extensive and flexible LMS systems around Asia.

Promoting a rewarding workplace for team members: Managers (Or game masters) can quickly implement triggers for badges, achievements, rewards, and EXP points whenever team members complete meaningful milestones or tasks. This feature is linkable to the Journey features.

Bulletin for company’s news, goals, and objectives:  
With the Bulletin feature, companies can promote their current initiatives instantly to all their team members regardless of number sizes. This feature benefits top management and managers for preventing scenarios like ‘How would I know? No one told me.’ among team members.

Display overview the way companies love without limitation: With the latest Overview redesign, companies can track their progress, metrics, and current gamification initiative effectiveness all within the first page of the dashboard. Helping managers to decide better actionable steps to improve team experience.

Promote a little competition via Leaderboard for all participation types: Making tasks and gamified journeys more meaningful with the latest leaderboard competition. Game masters can now design unique leaderboards for all participating team members. This feature does not limit to solely journeys only. Managers can use Leaderboard to rank team members between their levels, reward points, contributions, and much more.

Breaking the ice for new joiners: Now, managers can prevent juniors from feeling lost at their new job by taking advantage of the employee onboarding via the LMS. Using the Journey feature, managers can introduce SOPs and simple walkthroughs to ensure every new joiner is well prepared for the job requirements.

Discover the people within the organization: With the Department, Organization, and Position feature, every team member can look up who belongs to and how to reach out—saving time and cutting communication misinformation.

Create robust and flexible surveys: With the introduction of pulse surveys, companies not only can save cost on survey software, plus enabling managers to conduct knowledge tests among team members. This feature alone outdoes existing traditional survey tools as it helps managers run feedback loops and analyze large amounts of survey data.

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