Top Podcasts from Asia to Keep You Company

Top Podcasts from Asia to Keep You Company

Many people have a podcast, but only a handful of them are truly excellent. Sure, it appears that starting a podcast is easy. However, ensuring that it receives adequate amounts of sunshine, water, clean air, and good music can be a challenging job. Podcasts are still the it-thing and it’s not going to fade away anytime soon. Listeners can keep up to date on what’s trending including politics, technology, business, pop culture and many more. Here’s a breakdown on our top tech podcasts in Asia:

Startup Snapshot TechinAsia

When looking for more details, it’s difficult to overlook TechInAsia, the city’s largest tech media company. Although this podcast features journalists’ perspectives on startup topics, it is likely the only one in Asia that comes close to the post-production quality of Masters of Scale.

Startup Snapshot is a Tech in Asia podcast that delves into the raw emotions and roller-coaster rides that startup founders go through as they strive to bring their visionary ideas to life. Nathaniel Fetalvero, the show’s host, speaks with entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the area about how the lessons they’ve learned along the way have shaped them into the people they are today. Last Aired on February 19th: Deep Dive: The Rising “buy now, pay later” trend.

Analyse Asia

Hosted by Bernard Leong, Analyse Asia objective is to explore the pulse of Asia’s business, technology and media. Analyse Asia converse with business thought leaders to gain their perspectives on how they perceive and interpret the market. Bernard Leong can tell deeper stories by utilizing the medium of audio, it frees him from the constraints of daily breaking news and allows him to focus and ask the right questions on why major events in Asia have arisen. Last Aired on January 31st: China AI Deep Dive: Computer Vision Report 2020 with John Artman.

Asia In-Depth

Understanding Asia has never been more important — or complicated. The host consults those who are most knowledgeable about the topic. The Asia In-Depth podcast features interviews with the world’s leading experts on economics, politics, and culture, as well as incisive and insightful documentation of important stories. Last Aired on February 11th: George Shultz – A Final Conversation.

Paisa Vaisa

Every week, Paisa Vaisa educates us with the fundamentals from all aspects of the banking and financial services industry: CIOs, CEOs, startup founders, writers, advisers, and even kids are among the amazing list of guests on the show. Host Anupam Gupta will educate you on everything you need to know about money so you can make wise financial decisions.Last Aired on March 1st: The Future of Wealth Management Special.

Eat Drink Asia (SCMP) 

Eat Drink Asia is a South China Morning Post award-winning podcast that delves into the backstories of some of Asia’s most famous dishes that have gone global. SCMP journalists talk with chefs, restaurateurs, and food experts from across Asia to learn about the human stories behind some of Asia’s most popular foods, beverages, and condiments.In this delicious bi-weekly podcast, SCMP culture journalists Bernice Chan and Alkira Reinfrank talk with chefs, bartenders, and restaurateurs from across Asia as they drink, sample, and taste their way through local and foreign cuisine in Hong Kong. Last Aired on February 10th: The Great Hainanese Chicken Rice Debate: Singapore vs. Malaysia.

New Naratif

New Naratif hosts a fortnightly debate on Singapore and Malaysia politics and current events. This podcast accepts pitches from freelancers in Southeast Asia (or the diaspora) about stories and matters that concern Southeast Asia and Southeast Asians. New Naratif is a multimedia website for Southeast Asian journalism, art, and study that is sponsored by its members. They go beyond the international English-language media’s Western-centric priorities and the local press’s politically based limits.They also come up with new ways to look at the world by using creative mediums and formats that go beyond boundaries and limited definitions of race, class, and religion. This podcast also aims to create a group of curious and involved people who believe the media has a role to play in defending democracy, freedom of thought and expression, and speaking truth to power at a time when it is most threatened. Last Aired on March 5th: Empowering Refugee Youth Through Education.

The Musafir Stories 

The Musafir Stories is an audio podcast that covers a wide range of Indian travel destinations. So when you’re jogging, biking to work, or even cooking, escape into the world of travel. All we talk about on The Musafir Stories is about exploring this melting pot of different cultures, religions, and heritages. From picturesque snow-capped mountains to barren deserts, tropical rain forests to breathtaking beaches, there is something for everyone. Listeners can experience the wonderful journey through India’s enthralling landscapes through voices of imagination. Travelers not only share their picture-perfect itinerary, but they also share travel tips, hacks and secrets that have made them a travel pro. The Musafir Stories’ motto is “Share & Encourage,” and it aims to share the rich travel stories of travellers while also inspiring others to travel. Last Aired on February 22nd: Andaman Islands with Vaibhav Dewan.

The Great Indian Marketing Show

Aadil Bandukwala and Kaushik Satish’s Great Indian Marketing Show brings you the stories and insights of marketing leaders behind some of the world’s most innovative brands. They want to know not only what advertisers do, but also how they do it and to do it in a way that is engaging, imaginative, and entertaining. The display skips the jargon and the 30,000-foot view in favour of the brass tracks. The hosts want you to walk away from each podcast having learned something new that will help you advance in your career and life! Last Aired on February 1st: Arvinder Gujral: Managing Director South East Asia, Twitter.

Selling in Asia

Learn from the best founders, sales executives, and business people in the world about what it takes to sell your product, service, or dream in Asia. Tom Abbott, the founder of SOCO Sales Training, interviews outstanding people who are making a difference in the bottom lines of companies all over Asia and the world in weekly episodes. Quick rants and insights by Tom as he travels everywhere helping businesses boost profits are interspersed among the interviews. You’ll learn actionable tactics that you can put into practise right away, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a sales professional, or a sales leader. Last Aired on January 4th: Utilizing Data for Effective Sales Leadership with the Head of Sales Operations & Enablement of Carousell.

The Coconuts Podcasts

The Coconuts Podcasts journalists are on the roll in eight cities: Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, and Bali. This podcast offers impactful, unique, and wonderful reporting. Listeners can get to know breaking news and in-depth interviews on a variety of topics aimed at people living in – or interested in – Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. Last Aired on March 5th: Behind the collab “A Day At A Time”, with Gentle Bones and Clara Benin.

Pat’s Chat

This awesome podcast (with video format) was launched by Patrick Klotz who was former host in Startups Zone Talk.
Pat’s Chat is a weekly talk with people that have awesome stories to share.
This podcast tries to find the answer on why entrepreneurs and startups succeed and why they failed? It’s really an open talk with interesting people that focus on Malaysia and South-east Asia.

The WowFactor Podcast with Samuel Kamugisha

WowFactor Podcast is a podcast hosted by Samuel Kamugisha that features a diverse plethora of talent highlighting the different amazing things they are doing to change the world. The Topics covered include : Marketing , Business , Growth , Brand Strategy , Entrepreneurship , Entertainment , Arts & Creativity

The Future Of Blogs For Businesses

This podcast is hosted by Rauf Fadzillah and it’s about the future of blogs for businesses, in addition to that it covers different highlights for different industries

*Note: Last aired Podcasts are updated as of the day the article was posted.

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