Marketing is a work of art, it branches out like magic, from concept and strategy to creation and implementation. Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that focuses on endorsements and product mentions from influencers–bloggers or celebrities with a large social following who are thought to be experts in their field. Now, being in the digital revolution has changed the way we perceive things and based on Mediakix’s data; the influencer marketing industry is set to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022.

Influencer marketing agencies are an asset for brands looking to collaborate with Instagram influencers. They are a vital commodity for busy organizations that are either time-constrained or inexperienced in running in-house marketing campaigns. Building a brand today is more important than ever when it comes to things grasping opportunities and increasing revenue. Here are our top influencer marketing companies in Asia that can provide great results to clients:


JustSimple Digital is an influencer marketing agency in Malaysia with a large network of industry-specific influencers with years of experience in managing Influencer Marketing Campaigns in Malaysia representing activities which includes cosmetics, travel and hospitality, fashion, sports and fitness, health, and beauty. To deliver highly engaging and profitable influencer marketing solutions, they have a team of experts to work with over 1,000 Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Influencers, Bloggers and YouTubers in Malaysia.

JustSimple Digital finds the most suitable approach to influencer marketing for your company by assisting with the planning and execution of a variety of programmes such as integrated influencer marketing strategy, content development, influencer content amplification and many more.

The Asia Collective

The Asia Collective is a Singapore-based influencer marketing agency that specializes in global travel and lifestyle campaigns. Established in 2015, The Asia Collective became Asia’s first and only influencer marketing agency that specializes in luxury travel. With its extensive network of leading influencers, content creators and photographers, The Asia Collective extensions connects with hospitality and lifestyle brands. They will curate the most effective campaigns with creative and authentic storytelling to engage and activate audiences globally, based on their extensive experience in influencer marketing and high-profile influencer collaborations.

This agency can support your brand in creating creative and effective campaign strategies, identifying, and engaging with the right influencers, photographers and storytellers for your campaign and they also provide accommodation collaborations for destination campaigns and managing your team’s travel itinerary. Apart from specializing in luxury travels, The Asia Collective is also one of Asia’s leading online travel and lifestyle magazines, providing aspirational content and spot-on recommendations to affluent audience on a daily.


SushiVid was created by Yuh Wen Foong (currently CEO) in October 2015 to solve a specific problem: to give all influencers/ KOL the chance to fulfil their dreams of creating content that people love. Wen used to have trouble finding opportunities in the field proactively as an actress because she was always hoping to be discovered passively. Due to lack of clarity and knowledge, she was unable to properly price herself when opportunities arose.

They successfully secured investors in November of that year, and by April of the following year, they secured their first campaign contract with This company utilizes citizen influencers, a group of people who are questioning the celebrity status quo, to advertise on social networking sites like Instagram and YouTube, allowing marketers to create more authentic and engaging content. Their future goals include broadening its current offerings to include various business models to collaborate with influencers. specializes in bringing the brand story to life by leveraging the power of the right social media influencers, creators, and bloggers, and topping it off with cutting-edge creative concepts. Using their unique and long standing- experience, they’ve established the most authentic relationship between brands and influencers. They then create and implement these approaches at a large scale to help you tell your brand’s story. core belief is that they should have a digital solution that is relevant to clients’ brands, products, and services.

Without falling behind, they assist in communicating your brand from offline to online at the very same time. Using social media to reach customers by creating great strategies to gage engagements and create meaningful brands by using meaningful media channels.


Lexicon is a digital marketing company based in Bangkok, Thailand that specializes in connecting Thai companies with the right audience. Founded in 2015 and established its office at Surawong Road, their storytelling approach includes copywriting, video production, social media, creative, and tech teams. When it comes to Lexicon, their main definition of themselves are teamwork, professionalism, and creative storytelling. Lexicon uses in-house-production Digital PR and Brand Storytelling to connect their clients with ideal audiences. To gain trust and transparency, consistency, and ease, Lexicon clients work with one friendly contact person. Lexicon’s Creative Director leads a team full of illustrators, animators, branding specialists, graphic designers, and UX/UI experts with a main goal: To improve their clients’ brand identities.

Adfocate (Hong Kong)

Specializes in connecting influencers and people, Adfocate’s goal is to support influencers to curate useful content on social media at the same time seek to increase value for clients by using influencer marketing strategies to increase clarity, conversion, and profit. Adfocate has successfully mastered content marketing and advertising strategy and skills.

They have partnered with clients from various industries, including fashion and beauty, restaurant and catering goods, daily necessities, finance, hotels, and properties, and many more. They are not only known as internet celebrity marketing and digital marketing, but also an essential connector between customers and influencers. Adfocate also gives clients new ideas for expanding their brand information through all social media platforms. They lead clients from online to offline, and then achieve the result of direct sales, in addition to matching clients with quality assured KOLs.


M2social uses data to create genuine and lasting connections in this ever-changing world. They are always backed by research, from strategy to content to execution. Their digital marketing agency’s track record speaks for itself when it comes to exceeding expectations. They have worked with almost all kinds of brands, ranging from multinational to local specialties such as Lamborghini, Anytime Fitness, Loacker, etc. When it comes to M2social, they believe that nurturing partnerships in digital marketing is important to include solutions and helpful content. This way, clients can build trust by showing that they understand their target audiences with the use of social media management.


Activerify is a combination for Active + Verify that offers a wide range of experience, knowledge, and resources to SMEs, as well as large companies to optimize their online marketing performance and generate more leads. Their expertise includes website development and design, social media management, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) consulting and many more. The main goal of Activerify is to provide a new level of excellence and work ethic in the online marketing industry. To accomplish this, they deliver high- quality services, establishing long-term partnerships with clients and assisting them in becoming visionaries and trend-setters in their respective fields and industries.


Partipost is a Singapore-based marketing company that encourages anyone with a social media profile to participate in influencer campaigns. Their main goal is to get brands closer to the people and influencers. Since it’s easy going with the use of application, users can start a campaign and manage submissions from influencers that are interested all in one place with the app. With this, they are able to empower people to earn through the communities by supporting brands in telling their stories.

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