Top HR Tools In Southeast Asia For Startups To Uplift Their Company

Top HR Tools In Southeast Asia For Startups To Uplift Their Company

Human Resources (HR) pushes the boundaries for creating a suitable working space for all employees. Scrap off the traditional HR method, the digital world has transformed the global HR tech scene many years ago. Southeast Asia and its associated trade organization (ASEAN) are becoming increasingly appealing business opportunities around the world due to their varied range of nations, industries, and cultures. The role of HR in firms is changing dramatically as a result of the region’s extraordinary expansion.

The pandemic has also driven businesses to improvise their human capital management (HCM) or human resource information system (HRIS) platforms to cope with the crisis’s interruptions. Now it’s just a matter of keeping the momentum going. Developing a reliable HR “tech stack” not only improves employees’ efficiency, engagement, and collaboration, but it can also help to change the culture of the company. Hence, Southeast Asia is undergoing rapid expansion and development. New methods and ways of working are surfacing from the ground up, with the possibility to leapfrog old ways in a single movement.

  1. (Malaysia) exist to bring satisfaction to clients when using their tool. offers functionalities that can be managed and adjusted independently depending on the nature of employees’ job scope. Managers can add subsidiary information to the system and incorporate it into the management structure, and will then integrate the organizational structure of all departments. Employees may belong to different departments, but they all report to the same higher up.

The system includes various processing operations such as holiday applications, payroll, overtime, and claims. They are working to eliminate paperwork, employees can download app on their phone, and manage whatever is needed there.

0.2 Payboy (Singapore)

Payboy sets itself to be the most intuitive and easy-to-use HR management system by creating limitless possibilities with a human resource management system (HRMS). It provides a one-stop solution for all of your HR requirements, including payroll processing, claims management, attendance tracking, leave management, shift and schedule planning, and many more. Payboy takes pride in having the best user interface and experience on the market, making it quick, simple, and intuitive to use! Also available in the mobile app, HR can easily approve leaves and claims, as well as manage your employees at any time of your comfort.

HR can then focus on more primary concerns like employing skilled talents, enhancing their employees’ retention strategy, devising training and development initiatives, and more as Payboy relieves HR of mundane repetitive administrative labor and compliance. While companies may save time on laborious paperwork, improve operational efficiency, and maintain compliance, employees can also manage HR matters on the go.

0.3 Urbanhire (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Take charge of your hiring process from the start. Urbanhire makes recruiting quick and easy. The Urbanhire cloud solution is a collaborative platform that allows multiple users to track applicants and search resumes.

On a single dashboard, large firms can view all of their hiring and online assessment programs. Employers may publish positions to 50+ portals, including Google, LinkedIn, and Line; screen and track candidates, and administer online tests using Urbanhire, ensuring that recruiters fulfill 100% of their hiring target plans. The company collaborates with well-known companies such as AON and Mettl to develop online assessments that help companies filter candidates from their existing talent pool.

0.4 ADP® iHCM (Philippines)

ADP® iHCM is a cloud-based human capital management solution with a broad feature set. It includes tools for HR administration, reporting, and analysis, as well as a full solution that simplifies and optimizes HR operations for talent acquisition, employee performance management, employment development, and training. They deliver full tablet and mobile access, which is how employees today are expected to work.

0.5 Reed Specialist Recruitment Korea (Korea)

REED is the world’s largest family-owned recruiting firm, with over 30 specialized recruiting divisions, dedicated vendor managed services, and HR consulting services across the whole working life cycle. They are specialized in placing employees in permanent, contract, and interim roles with clients all over the world. 

REED has a leading presence in several major areas that have the potential for future expansion, as well as those that have a current demand for professional recruitment requirements, as an established international brand with a history spanning more than 50 years. They specialize in focusing on your business, industry, and requirements. This also allows REED to have a comprehensive understanding of possible candidates from their global network, allowing them to source either local or international talent with the proper qualification to best fulfill clients’ specific requirements.

0.6 SmartHR (Japan)

SmartHR supports Japanese businesses in bringing their HR functions into the digital age. SmartHR simplifies HR by eliminating spreadsheets and paperwork in favor of a user-friendly online solution. When SmartHR was launched in Japan in 2013, onboarding and the offboarding of the employee was a time-consuming procedure, especially because employers had to register for social insurance and healthcare on behalf of employees using a manual process. SmartHR now delivers great savings for companies coming from a variety of industries, from high tech to retail, a significant amount of money by cutting the time it takes to execute HR processes like employment contracts from a month to only 1-2 days.

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