Top 5 startup trends in 2022

Top 5 startup trends in 2022

Startups are about making ideas work. But, it’s always been a challenging task to kickstart your vision with a group of bright individuals that bring something distinctive to the table. The past two years made growth further difficult, with the market dynamics going for a toss. Now, as the pandemic is retreating, there exists an opportunity to make up for the lost time.

We’ve come up with five ideas, trends and topics that are being passed around in the startup world to make the most of the blow-up that awaits.

Distributed Enterprises

Back in 2019, businesses didn’t even think of working remotely, let alone adopting a hybrid culture. Today, it’s become the norm, with some enterprises facing backlash for even calling their employees back to the offices. There lies a massive opening for startups to facilitate this new way of working. Frictionless work experiences that deliver results without impacting the core business models shall be the call of the times.

Social Indulgence

Irrelevant to your industry, organizations are seeking new ways to connect with customers and prospects. In 2021, a strong inclination has been witnessed for startups catering to social issues and going beyond their corporate social responsibility. The contribution shall bring a two-way advantage to the table – increased business focus and sustainability branding. Even clients are looking for enterprises that have a good work culture and a line-up of social ethics.


Expected to rise at a massive CAGR of 15.83% from 2021 to 2028, Biotech has been misconstrued even in textbooks. It simply refers to the practice of using living organisms to develop products. That being said, businesses in the sector display hypergrowth potential by solving complex human challenges and possessive a distinctive business model that is ready to be scaled with technology. A stark issue to note here is that you could be spending millions in R&D before a viable product can be launched, but once you cross that threshold, the startup can essentially be a part of the future imperatives.

eCommerce and EduTech

The two niches that came to life during the pandemic were online education and eCommerce. Both the areas have shown a potential for immediate adoption and on-demand innovation to come up with effective solutions. Right now, startup entrepreneurs are keen on keeping the funding going for the outliers in these industries, further filling the gap between the platforms and the users.


From detection to analysis to recovery, there exists a world of opportunity in the cybersecurity market. The industry is still dominantly untapped, thanks to the current legacy systems running within most enterprises. There is quite a lot of space for development in terms of protection, efficiency and costs, which can be leveraged to catapult a startup into the profitability stage. A mesh architecture that supports every device within an organizations purview is what organizations are seeking as we speak.

All in all, you can expect a great number of startups to pop in 2022.

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