The Game That Helps Pay Bills: Axie Infinity

The Game That Helps Pay Bills: Axie Infinity

Many people want to earn fast; they want to see liquidity in every work they put in. But (new) investors that are quick to make a move might lose more than they put in. And when losing comes emotions, frustration, disappointment, and more. Hence, you find it hard to give your all in investments but now, you can earn by playing games. To some, Axie Infinity has become a living for players to earn income to sustain their families.

You can say it’s like a combination of Pokemon and Hearthstone; you get to have digital pets with a twist – in the blockchain gaming world. Though technical, this addictive NFT gaming experience allows players to compete, battle, nurture and raise while collecting cute fantasy creatures called Axies. There have been plans that there will be an upgrade where players get to enjoy similar gaming experiences like Township and Sukishi Farm to acquire farm resources, farm for AXS tokens, and battling in dungeon raids. By earning resources, players can upgrade their Axies and land to build into something extraordinary, sold and converted into Ethereum Cryptocurrency. But as of now, they also get to enjoy PVE (Player vs. Environment), and PVP (Player vs. Player) matches to grind for their rewards.

Since Axie Infinity revolves around the existence of Ethereum, all elements in the game are highly dependable on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Axies is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), and this goes the same for other tokens like SLP (Small Love Potions).


  1. For players that are not familiar with games, downloading Axie Infinity can be complicated and time-consuming as there are multiple pre-steps to take before downloading the game.
Source: Axie Infinity Webpage
  1. Before you can start playing the game, each player needs to own at least 3 Axies to enter the Axie Infinity world. With this move, players must make an early investment even to test the game out as there is no other alternative to run for a Free Trial.
  2. The price of Ethereum gas fees is enormous. Interacting with the Ethereum blockchain has come with a hefty gas fee since late 2020, and as a result, the number of player wallets has decreased. The introduction of Ronin was what made Axie Infinity surge again in wallet activity.


  1. While it’s very technical, it’s still a fun game that has in-depth automated battle gameplay. It’s a card game where you can set up a fun team, with theory crafting and meta discussions going on.
  2. While the game is still in the works, there are already many things to do in Axie Infinity. You invest hundreds of hours to breed, trade, and battle other players in PVP mode and work your way to move up the leaderboard with cryptocurrency awards waiting for you.
  3. To breed Axies, it’s more in-depth than one might think. Each axis has different body parts, and they’re determined by their recessive genes and their r2, which works as a double recessive gene.
  4. Axies and land investments in Axie Infinity are real-life investments. Players are investing in real NFTs, which have actual value, compared to players that spend hundreds or thousands of money on skins and mods that do not bring a great deal in real life.


The Axie community has created scholarships to help with the hefty fees. This is a profit-sharing mechanism in which Axie owners rent their NFTs to new players to play the game and earn SLPs without the need to purchase any NFTs or invest any money.

The player, the owner of the said NFT’s, and the community manager will earn after splitting the rewards, with the latter being in charge of recruiting, training, and mentoring the new player. The new player’s only upfront requirements are time, passion, and a desire to learn.

The Introduction of Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)

Axie Infinity Shards, an ERC 20 governance token made for the Axie universe, were launched on Binance on the 4th of November 2020. Holders will help define Axie Infinity’s future by indicating their support for ecosystem upgrades and directing the use of a community treasury.

Source: CoinGecko

If AXS token holders stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in key governance votes, they will be eligible to claim great rewards. Players will also be able to earn $AXS through participating in user-generated content projects and playing various games within the Axie Infinity Universe.


Axie Infinity is now the leading game in the growing play-to-earn trend, in which participants of blockchain games can earn revenue in the form of tokens or other rewards. If the player desires, those rewards can be continued to use in-game or exchange on an open market. The latter option represents a significant shift in the gaming industry since in-game assets were previously restricted to the centralized protocol from where they originated and could not be transferred outside the platform.

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