Everyone is talking about technology these days. Many business owners and companies are deep diving into the realm of technology, to better the future of every mankind. Everyday, companies work hard by scheduling meetings, have trial and error experiments, only to give the best assistance to help make living easier with technology.

Known as smart wearable devices, they include but are not limited to monitoring, collecting informational data, tracking, enhancing health and lifestyle patterns, possibility of detecting chronic conditions, and many more. The growing demand for wearables has resulted in a booming market, and now businesses are realizing the benefits of providing wearable devices to their customers and employees.

Source: Statista

Report shows that wearable electronic devices have further doubled in the span of 3 years, increasing from 325 million in 2016 to 722 million in 2019. It is expected to achieve more than 1 billion by the year 2022. One of the great successors of wearable devices is Apple smartwatch, dominating the market since 2018.

What is wearable technology?

There are times when you look at a person’s watch or their glasses, but it doesn’t look like a normal wearable that one should look at. Instead, it looks “tecchy” and sporty. Those are called wearable technology, a general term used for a group of devices – including smartwatches, fitness tracker and smart glasses. They are carefully and well designed to be worn throughout the day. In short, they are called wearables, ones that can connect with your devices such as computers and smartphones.

Fitness Trackers

Wearable fitness trackers are wristbands with sensors that track the users’ physical activity and heart rate. They are one of the most common wearable technologies created. They can connect with a variety of smartphone applications to provide wearers with health and wellness tips.

These devices will help you understand your everyday activity, whether you’re preparing for a marathon or just trying to have casual sports. They can keep track of how many steps you take, the average heart rate, and how long you sleep are one of the main benefits as to why consumers love fitness trackers. You can even know how far you’ve walked in the past days or weeks, or how many calories you’ve burned in one day.

Smart Rings

The minimalistic and better styling way would be the smart ring. The future of technology is literally at your finger. One company that has made its name is Oura. These smart rings are created for both men and women to monitor health and fitness, as well as paying for a coffee. The Oura Ring is well known and highly used by high- performing athletes and sportspersons to keep track of their progress. Its sleek and small surface area includes intelligent data collection embodies the professionalism of technicality. Every morning, the tracker reports to you with updates on your readiness, sleep, and activity so you can prepare and play your day. It accomplishes this by interpreting signals sent by your body while you are sleeping to provide parameters such as heart rate, body temperature, and so on. Oura Ring documents your health-related data over time, or health trends, to help you concentrate on long-term patterns and observations that can help you maintain healthier habits on a daily basis.

Jewelry-like Wellness Tracker

One of the best wellness trackers out there is known to be created by Leaf Chakra. Without looking twice, it can be overlooked as a classic piece of jewelry. Leaf Chakra was created for women wanting to take care of themselves, but in the most stylish way possible. This is more than just a fashionable jewelry to improve your appearance. It is made out of natural crystals, wood composite and hypoallergenic stainless steel. You can wear it as a necklace or a clip and utilize it as a wellness tracker to help you feel optimistic and happy with all the natural energy installed in it. The batteries are rechargeable and can last up to 6 months before needing to be replaced. Since it’s created for women, this device tracks your cycle with hormonal and phase predictions. Furthermore, it’s also water-resistant, and the applications used work on both iOS and Android devices. It’s available in 2 types of Chakra – Love and Power:

  • Love

A crystal that is used to promote compassion, healing, and forgiveness. It’s also known to bring peace and harmony to stressful situations by eliminating negative energy and replacing it with love.

  • Power

This powerful protective stone that’s been designed with Onyx gemstones will help women feel more grounded and productive, after absorbing and transforming negative energy, assisting in the development of physical and emotional strength.

Wearable Headband

Headband devices are created to experience more comfortable sleep moments. This wearable is a sleep analyzer that can help people improve their sleep quality. By tracking sleep cycles, this aids people who don’t get enough sleep or sleep too late/early. The comfortable wearable can also generate audio tones that can help boost Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep depth and duration. The wearable is also linked with an application that helps log sleep stats while also providing advice and tips for a good night’s sleep. 

Smart Glasses

I’m sure some would wish to have such cool glasses like the one Iron Man wears to gain information. Good news to all, smart glasses have already been created for users to be like Iron Man. It is a device that places a computer-like display in front of a person’s eyes to present data that’s backed up by an information system. The display can be a separate component brought to the eye sight or it can be projected or reflected on the lens of glasses. The importance of this separation is for the user to look at the environment without being distracted.

With everything possible, smart glass systems can provide information about a specific target in sight. For example, a product, scenery, and even facial recognition of a person approaching. Users can interact with the device using signs, voice, or finger sweeps. It is vital that the system is easy to use and manage, and that is adequate for users and tasks.

It will not be surprising to have more wearable devices technology in the coming future. Your pillow, earrings, or even wallet could be a part of technology. The wearable devices aren’t designed to be used in the same way that a laptop or smartphone are. Designers must understand how they will be worn and how they will collect and transmit information to the wearer in the most discreet and effective manner possible. These are our dreams come true from movies to real-world contexts. These devices are one step closer to shaping a better technological revolution.

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