ROCKSTARS.WORK: Your all-in-one Project Management Software to achieve results.

ROCKSTARS.WORK: Your all-in-one Project Management Software to achieve results.

Project management started off with just a pen and paper. As technology evolves, software programs are created to assist in managing time, planning projects, allocate resources, etc. This has turned the tables for project managers to adapt to technology and learn in depth ways to improve their skills. With many project management software created to ease the burden of companies, Rockstars.Work was created to drive you to be on the highest level in comparison with other industries and swipe off struggles when managing multiple projects and events.

Many SMEs depend on HR, CRM, and Project Management software to juggle between projects, tasks, and employees to keep everything on the right track. Thankfully, most can be managed in Rockstars.Work because of how easy and user friendly it is. There are 4 types of plans offered, and these are the monthly plans provided:

  • Pre- Seed ($5 per month); with maximum of 5 employees with access to all 15 features
  • Seed ($10 per month); with maximum of 10 employees with access to all 18 features
  • Growth ($20 per month); with maximum of 20 employees with access to all 20 features
  • Growth+ ($40 per month); with maximum of 200 employees with access to all 20 features

Other than monthly plans, annual plans are also available, starting with the lowest $40, then $80, $160, and $320, respectively. Users or companies that are interested can have a 7-day free trial to experiment the efficiency and flexibility of this tool.

Rockstars.Work Top Functions

  • Project Planning – Planning your project is extremely vital that sets how well you can achieve goals and meet a certain level of success.
  • Tracking projects status – Rockstars.Work tracks your progress in specific tasks to prevent overdue datelines.

Leaves – Plan ahead your leaves and know how many leaves are taken annually.

Manage Finances – Know what you are paying for you to keep track of your accounts.

Track Attendance – Oversee your employee’s attendance by confirming they are working whether in the office or at home.

Track Upcoming Events and Holidays – It is ideal to plan beforehand such as jotting down meetings, events, and holidays and Rockstars.Work helps you to organize everything in the easiest way to avoid clashing.

Manage Tickets – Having a ticketing system is important to manage projects when there is a bump halfway, the tickets allow respective department to solve multiple problems on the go without much hassle.

Benefits of Subscribing to Rockstars.Work

  • Easy to Use – Handling HR, CRM and Projects becomes easy and efficient. Everyone will have the easy way of completing important projects and forgotten task at the very last minute. Moreover, you get to know your schedule and appointments without having to constantly depend on yourself to remember every single detail.
  • Enhance Productivity – Focusing on the most important project or tasks first instead of multitasking achieves goals faster with less mistakes on the line.
  • Delegate Task Easily – Managers or person in charge can delegate tasks to employees that are suitable for the project, delegating well can build trust among the employees and at the same time improve productivity.
  • Improved Planning and Scheduling – Other than achieving maximum productivity, having great planning, and scheduling skills can also manage project costs more efficiently. You can control and adjust according to your financial needs and spending.
  • Remote Working – With the fluctuation of Covid-19 cases, many companies are actively working from home which has turn out to be today’s professional norm. Companies that are practicing these norms can have it easy by scheduling online meetings and appointments. Projects and tasks can be created and searched easily in Rockstars.Work to avoid hassles and bumps when using this tool.
  • Budget Management – The help of project management software lets you determine how much money can be spent in a project. It gives a view on whether the project can be completed in the available budget.
  • Access Projects – Get your employees more involved in their projects by giving access to them.  Team members can discuss on project related issues to improve further to have clearer direction on where they are going

Rockstars.Work could be the one for you

The easiest and simplest step is to have good teamwork within the company and Rockstars.Work delivers successful management solutions and easy-to-use software for any departments that want to get work done together. Whether it is small or large organizations, it is flexible enough to tweak to meet any organization’s needs while achieving high comfort level and usage of special features. The best project management software is what works best for your company. As it offers a lot, companies can pick it up easily and utilize this software fully without much difficulty.

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