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One Comment on “Do fresh graduates really have an attitude problem?”

  1. Hi,Mr.Homam
    Attractive and nice talk about social graduate student who goes under cover of IT University certification as you highlighted in your speech but let me address you in one more thing that IT, is a field of always renewing method new way new story in the market of Information Technology!

    i am not putting blame on the student who are doing their BEST to graduate and study 4-5 years old of their entire life they did their part and to make them more efficient or effective college or university faculty of IT should keep up there student to be all the years involved in outside IT company as a mandatory subject to be attending any IT company to shape more there skills and to be get to use on working environment as well behaviors “Attitude” shape ,so that when they graduated they become experts in their own chosen field, as this what i thought .

    anyhow i hope that whoever related to IT still in school to present this idea or etc to there respective dept to solve there after graduate problem.

    and become easy acceptance from IT company and make the way shorter

    and last homam, it was very nice meeting you at the (Future of Technology Summit 2019),and had a nice chat with you.!
    Hope we can meet up again!

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