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Post (Singapore) a Startup Connecting World Class Teams with Brands is a Singapore-based startup focused on connecting world class teams to brands, for any of their marketing needs. Their vision is to make top marketing and creative talents accessible to every brand, regardless of their size, or marketing budget.  Their promise is to match teams within 48 hours with this 3 step flow: Curate...

Mytaskboss (

Mytaskboss (Malaysia) A STARTUP STORY BY Tayzen Ooi

We had the chance to interview the co-founder of Mytaskboss TAYZEN OOI, Mytaskboss ( is a Malaysian freelance service marketplace. Malaysians use Mytaskboss to outsource ad-hoc tasks or complete freelance tasks to earn money. We act as a centralised matchmaker platform connecting people looking for help and people looking for extra income. Our focus is on...

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