Best Website Uptime SaaS Services

Best Website Uptime SaaS Services

In today’s internet-driven world, businesses without a functioning website can quickly fall behind. Website downtime can cost your business millions of dollars per hour, in some cases per minute. That’s why businesses need website uptime monitoring that’s accurate and reliable. Since the web is home to an overwhelming amount of website uptime SaaS services, here are 5 that you should be paying attention to. 

WebForce Uptime

WebForce Uptime is an easy-to-setup site monitoring solution that removes the strain from keeping your site up and running. It offers quick and reliable updates on-site checks and is one of the few website uptime SaaS services that offer customizable status pages. 

You can use WebForce Uptime to track Cron jobs to ensure your commands are working as intended, view user interaction in real-time, manage projects by categories, and get notified every time there is an incident on your site. With servers in multiple locations, WebForce Uptime also makes sure your data is secure and monitored at all times.


LogicMonitor is a cloud-based uptime SaaS monitoring service that collects data from all your networks and presents it visually. This monitoring platform helps IT teams find and fix problems faster and its scalability makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

With 2000 integrations, you can use LogicMonitor with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Linux, IBM AIX, HP, Dell, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and more – making it easy for you to track properties across your business. 


An all-in-one monitoring system, Site24x7 allows you to monitor all aspects of your website, including HTTPS, DNS server, FTP server, SSL/TLS certificate, SMTP server, POP server, and URLs. You can use this service to monitor your website, network, server, cloud, application performance, as well as how your visitors interact with your site in real-time.

Site24x7 comes with root analysis that allows you to analyze what’s causing problems in your properties so that you can fix them in time. Not only that but the service also integrates with Amazon EventBridge, Zapier, Zoho Analytics, Jira, Slack, and ConnectWise, among more.


UptimeRobot is a website uptime monitoring service that notifies you the moment your website experiences downtime. It is built with a dual monitoring system that uses both active and passive checks. Active checks monitor your website continuously and passive checks monitor your website periodically, ensuring your property is constantly protected.

In addition, UptimeRobot also monitors keywords, retains a 24-hour log, and alerts you whenever your site’s SSL certification experiences errors or is about to expire.


Pingdom is the most popular website monitoring service. It is used by about a million websites. A complete monitoring system, Pingdom provides you with synthetic monitoring and real-time monitoring.

Synthetic monitoring lets you run visitor simulations to check for security or downtime issues. It is ideal for testing your site’s speed, quality, and interaction abilities. Real-time monitoring, on the other hand, provides you with every insight, activity, movement on your website – making it a perfect tool for you to gain visibility on how visitors interact with your site.

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