APAC Startups to Gain Advanced Customer Communication Capabilities by Joining Infobip Startup Tribe

APAC Startups to Gain Advanced Customer Communication Capabilities by Joining Infobip Startup Tribe

Kuala Lumpur, 8 September 2021 – In a world where borders no longer pose a limit and growth is determined by online presence, Infobip wants to be the ideal partner that can support the digitalisation journey for startups via its Infobip Startup Tribe programme. This initiative has received significant interest from startups across all industries since its global launch in May 2021, and now, Infobip is bringing the Startup Tribe to Asia Pacific (APAC). 

APAC was selected as the next focus region of the Infobip Startup Tribe because it is home to many notable and aspiring startups with creative aspirations. Infobip’s goal in APAC is to expand the startup community and help them upscale their growth with the right communications support. Those that qualify for the programme will receive valuable offering such as: 

  • Generous credits for businesses to try out Infobip’s products and services for free
  • Direct access to a unique Advisory Council of top investors and entrepreneurs worldwide
  • Opportunity to set up office in any of Infobip’s 65+ global offices
  • Opportunity to showcase and pitch at Infobip Shift, a global conference for developers and frequented by investors and venture capitalists 

Furthermore, Infobip has also confirmed collaborations with the world’s leading accelerators like Y Combinator, 500 Startups, TechStars and many other venture capital funds. Startups that apply for the Infobip Startup Tribe programme, that have been already funded by partnered VCs and accelerators, will be receiving additional credits and benefits within the programme.

The programme is spearheaded by Nikola Pavesic, who joins from Nikkei, one of the world’s largest business media publishers and Financial Times parent company. At Nikkei, Nikola led the partnership efforts at the editorial innovation bureau and was instrumental behind the company’s SUM Series of tech conferences that launched the largest series of vertical events in Japan in partnership with governmental agencies and leading Japanese corporates. 

Nikola Pavesic, Director of Startups at Infobip

“I want to give promising entrepreneurs the chance to turn their vision into a reality. For a startup to succeed, it needs to have a clear understanding that today’s market is all about the ‘here and now’, which essentially means delivering consistent customer engagement and satisfying customer experience instantaneously. Infobip Startup Tribe will help startups in APAC to unlock their potential via our global resources, growing community and free use of Infobip’s products; enabling startups to truly focus on perfecting their products and services while Infobip supports them in what it does best. Our Startup Tribe community is where great minds can learn more about upscaling growth and have constant valuable conversations about improving instantaneous customer engagement,” said Pavesic, Director of Startups at Infobip.

Having received strong demand since launch, Infobip Startup Tribe is now seeking out innovative startups in APAC to join its programme. Those eligible that have joined the programme will enjoy the added benefits of its Infobip Customer Services as well. This includes gaining access to communication technology consultancy expertise for all Infobip products and advance support expertise that can help maximise positive outcomes. All these capabilities will give startups the expansive resources they need to grow and scale accordingly. The goal is to further optimise customer engagements for businesses and drive-up customer satisfaction within the modern communication environment. 

Vishal Harnal, Managing Partner of 500 Southeast Asia

Outside of the Infobip Startup Tribe, Infobip has significant success with helping startup brands streamline their digital operations. CS Gill, Country Manager of Infobip Malaysia shared: “The past two years of accelerated digitalisation has shown us that digital services are here to stay. We saw this happen when the pandemic and travel restrictions hit where we helped one of our local startups Borzo formerly known as MrSpeedy, successfully reduce their overall cost by 50% and increase their customer satisfaction through our always-on customer support and SMS solutions. We helped them provide real-time verification, account activation, tracking statuses, order confirmations, and delivery notifications to their clients, drivers and end customers so they could serve their customers reliably and efficiently. Onward from this, Infobip is looking forward to helping more brands grow their digital operations.” 

Michael Kim, Google (APAC)

More information and insights will be revealed during the inaugural Startup Tribe APAC Webinar that is set to take place on Wednesday, 15 September 2021. Join the webinar to hear from Nikola Pavesic, leading startups in Asia Pacific and some of the best industry speakers, such as Vishal Harnal, Managing Partner of 500 Southeast Asia and Michael Kim, Head of Google Startups in APAC, as they discuss key challenges that startups continue to face in this new normal. Interested startups can learn more and apply to join the webinar by visiting https://www.infobip.com/c/wb-bringing-next-gen-customer-engagement-to-startups.

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