8 AI technologies that you use everyday

8 AI technologies that you use everyday

Whenever you hear about Artificial Intelligence, you think that it is something you have no interaction with as an average civilian. It is easy to assume that, only the tech giants are the ones that have hands-on experience with AI. But little do we know; Artificial intelligence is having a crucial impact on our everyday life.

And here some of the greatest examples of it.

1.   Face ID

 Whenever you look at your phone and unlock it with face ID, you utilize the in-built machine learning technology of the phone. This is AI offers an accuracy of over 99.99%, with almost zero chance of getting your phone unlocked by someone other than you.

2.   Digital Assistants

This one is a no-brainer. All the popular digital assistants like SIRI, Google Now, Cortana and Alexa depend on artificial intelligence to learn from your interaction with it. As a result, it can and provide you with the perfect action and perform tasks specifically designed for you.

3.   Social media

One of the biggest parts of our time spent on smartphones is on social media. That includes anything from Facebook, Twitter to Instagram and so much more. And Artificial intelligence also works here to fine-tune the perfect feed for you.

4.   Gmail Filters

Did you ever opened up your Gmail and wondered how it fillers the emails into various categories like Primary, Social, Promotion, Update, etc? Well, that is artificial intelligence for you as well.

5. Autocomplete

Every time your phone or Gmail suggests to complete the word or the sentence you type, it uses machine learning to predict what are you going to type, it learns that from what you and other users type and try to suggests that and improve when you disagree and re-correct the autocorrect.

6. Navigation and Maps

Finding the best way to reach your destination and predicting the traffic, distance, time and other factors all depends on machine learning and data collected from all the users.

7. Netflix

Every user of netflix’s home page is unique, It suggests shows based on what’s trending, the shows you like, shows you watched, scenes you skip and what other users watch if they like certain type of shows.

8. Ridesharing and Delivery Apps

When you order a car to take you somewhere, or order a meal, it not as simple as just picking the closest driver and give you a price based on the distance, it’s more complicated than that, the algorithm will assign a driver and price the service according to your location, destination, number of drivers in the area, how often you use the service, the traffic situation, and other factors

Final thoughts

That’s not all the AI that you use everyday, there is more than that.

Artificial intelligence is more close to our daily life than we might think it is. And it is working at its maximum potential to makes our everyday life as convenient and productive as possible.

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